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The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall meet President Obama at the White House

19th March 2015

The Prince of Wales and President Obama at the White House

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The Prince of Wales  and The Duchess of Cornwall met US President Barack Obama in the famous White House's Oval Office today - and caught up on lost time.

His Royal Highness last visited the White House almost four years ago when he flew to America a few days after the wedding of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

This time he was joined by his wife, The Duchess of Cornwall, and Vice President Joe Biden made an appearance.

The Prince and The President sat together in two chairs with their backs to an ornate fireplace while The Duchess and Mr Biden sat nearby, opposite each other on sofas.

His Royal Highness and the US leader could be overheard chatting about Mount Vernon - the home of America's first President, George Washington.

Dozens of photographers, journalists and cameramen had been allowed into the room and The Prince looked around as camera shutters went off and boom microphones were pushed towards them.

The Prince pointed out one of the British press corps out to the President - The Sun newspaper's veteran Royal Photographer, Arthur Edwards.

He told Mr Obama he had been photographing The Prince for more than 35 years and when he added that the first President he had reported on in the US was Ronald Reagan, the American leader replied "Awesome".

Before the photocall began, the Obama family's dogs, Bo and Sonny, were seen returning to the White House after being taken for a walk.

Earlier in the day, Their Royal Highnesses had visited the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington DC and President Lincoln’s Cottage.

Keep up to date with the latest news from Their Royal Highnesses’ visit on our #RoyalVisitUSA tour blog.

The Prince of Wales tries his hand a Ten Pin Bowling, watched by the Duchess of Cornwall, at the Armed Forces Retirement Home, Washington

View Album (6 images)
View Album (6 images)